In a Big Flap!

In a Big Flap!

LAST UPDATED: 16 June, 2010 @ 9:55 am
Griffon vulture
Griffon vulture

Griffon vulture
Griffon vulture

A FAMILY came home to find a vulture sitting on their bed.

The juvenile Griffon vulture had fallen through the window of their Malaga flat, while migrating to Africa.

It is unknown why the bird – now named as Gregorio – ended up in their top floor flat in Huelin.

The family quickly called Seprona, the nature protection arm of the Guardia Civil after finding the vulture on the main double bed of the master bedroom.

Police arrived expecting to see a seagull, and were shocked to find the vulture.

Gregorio has now been taken to the Recovery Centre for Endangered Species in Tolox to regain his strength before setting off again on his journey across the Straits of Gibraltar.

Andalucian bird specialist Peter Jones, said: “I have never heard of anything like this before. It is amazing.

“The bird may have been blown in strong winds through the window, or it could have met an eagle that scared it.”

In a separate incident, police in Cordoba were called after a vulture was found on the balcony of a residence.

The endangered bird was taken to be looked after by forestry rangers.