More than 50% in Spain fear climate change is ‘threatening’ survival of...

More than 50% in Spain fear climate change is ‘threatening’ survival of human race

LAST UPDATED: 3 December, 2018 @ 12:57 pm

UP-IN-SMOKE: Spaniards worry climate change is affecting their health

MORE than half of all Spaniards believe climate change will threaten their health, the economy and the survival of the human species, a YouGov study has revealed.

Health is their main concern, with 64% fearing that lives could be put in jeopardy by the appearance of new and more deadly diseases and a rise in extreme weather events.

And over half – 52% – thinks that climate change will cause new world conflicts for natural resources like water and ultimately, endanger the future for mankind.

But Spanish pessimism runs deeper than that, with 51% believing climate change will have huge impact on their pockets as it pushes up the price of energy, food and insurance – and those earning the least feared it most.

Those earning less than €12,000 per year (44%) said that measures to combat climate change would weaken the economy, whereas only 35% of people on double that salary shared the same opinion.

But, the survey showed, climate change has become a reality accepted by everyone, since 0% of the respondents believed it was a myth.