Protests Over Ronda’s Los Merinos Golf Project

Protests Over Ronda’s Los Merinos Golf Project

LAST UPDATED: 5 March, 2011 @ 9:00 am
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Aerial shot of the site for the controversial Los Merinos complex

PROTESTS have erupted again over the controversial Los Merinos Golf project.

Large numbers are expected to turn out this Saturday for the first in a series of monthly demonstrations to demand the opening of public footpaths that have been closed since 2006.

This latest protest also comes in the wake of a new book published by the Andalucía Inter-University Criminology Institute which reveals numerous irregularities in the project.

The study discovered that rules were bent in numerous ways with the Head of the Junta embroiled in the controversy.

In particular the book highlights that Ronda adapted their planning department to suit public interest, with some ‘essential steps’ being ignored and decisions being ‘inconsistent if not contradictory’.

Furthermore the promoters of the plan were shown to have had ‘an enormous capacity of influence’ enabling them to bypass objections and setbacks.

The 90-million double golf course scheme has been plagued by controversy ever since it was first proposed with disputes over the project’s legality, the area’s ability to provide water and the risk of pollution.