Spain to be hit by 15-year ‘megadroughts’ by the end of the...

Spain to be hit by 15-year ‘megadroughts’ by the end of the century

LAST UPDATED: 15 June, 2017 @ 3:56 pm
Roads in Tabernas Dessert..

NEW climate models have predicted that Spain will be rocked by devastating ‘megadroughts’ by the end of the century.

Roads in Tabernas Dessert..

The worst projections foresee a 15-year period of rainfall less than half the average level.

Researchers from Newcastle University selected a total of 15 different climate models used by leading scientific bodies around the world, including Nasa and the Met Office.

While there was a range of results, ‘extreme future droughts’ were predicted by climate models which could accurately simulate what had happened in the past.
Spain has seen three major droughts – the latest of which spanned 1990 to 1995 – affecting most of the country, with rainfall reduced by up to 30%, but it has also experienced a number of smaller ones in recent years.


Writing in the International Journal of Climatology, the researchers said: “All models project an intensification of drought conditions for the Douro, Tagus and Guadiana river basins.
“Some project small increases in drought conditions but most project multi-year droughts reaching up to eight years of mean annual rainfall missing [over a 15-year period] … by the end of the century.”
A previous study suggested southern Spain could become a desert by 2100, as global warming changes the ecosystem ‘in a way that is without precedent’ since 10,000 BC.
A 15-year megadrought would have a serious negative impact Spain’s crops, risking long-lasting economic consequences.