Junta Authorises Deer Hunts In Nature Reserve

Junta Authorises Deer Hunts In Nature Reserve

LAST UPDATED: 5 April, 2014 @ 4:25 pm

ECOLOGISTS are outraged after the Junta de Andalucia allowed four deer hunts to take place in the most protected area of a nature reserve.

The shootings, in the Cazorla natural park in Jaen, raised €8,000 which will be used to pay for fodder for other animals in the reserve.

“These are difficult times and we have to seek ways of making money in order to us to pay for necessities,” said Purificacion Galvez, representative for the Junta in Jaen.

This year the food bill is significantly higher because of severe droughts throughout the summer.

Local residents and businesses have claimed allowing a hunt is damaging to Cazorla’s image, while the PP has said it intends to raise the issue with the Andalucian Parliament.

Ecologistas en Accion’s Javier Broncano added: “We just cannot understand why these deer were killed at point blank range in a place where they are defenceless, have no way of escaping and are completely used to human presence.”