Spain Complains About Gibraltar Landfill Plans

Spain Complains About Gibraltar Landfill Plans

LAST UPDATED: 27 November, 2014 @ 5:41 pm
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ROCK EXPANSION: Spain complains about landfill plans

THE EU is set to investigate Gibraltar’s plans to expand into the sea.

In a further rift between the two neighbouring countries, the investigation follows a complaint from the town hall in Spanish border town La Linea.

Last October, the town’s Mayor, Alejandro Sánchez, and Andalucía PP president Javier Arenas presented their complaint in Brussels.

In a 100-page document they claimed La Línea is suffering ‘verifiable damage to its beaches because of the proximity of the landfills’.

Now the President of the EU Petitions Committee, Erminia Mazzoni, has confirmed a preliminary investigation into the landfill expansion will go ahead.


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    The Spanish through their decency have allowed the British to use the waters but the Zionists like all parasites continually push the boundaries of decency. Now if the War Criminals in control of the British government wish to play thief yet again, it is time the Spanish start mining and dredging the area, direct all hinterland sewerage into the bay untreated, to defend themselves supply the local Guardia Civil with high speed torpedo boats and of course close the land borders.