El Palmar Developer Scandal

El Palmar Developer Scandal

LAST UPDATED: 24 June, 2010 @ 8:40 am
El Palmar
UNDER THREAT: Virgin coastline

El Palmar
UNDER THREAT: Virgin coastline

THE developers in charge of building a controversial twin hotel complex by El Palmar beach have been charged with bribery.

Juan Munoz, president of firm Chival SL, and brother, Fernando, were involved in a 15-strong town-planning scam in Granada province.

Alhendin mayor, Jose Guerrero and town planning advisor, Manuel Fernandez, were both forced to resign.

The Public Prosecutor’s office accused the developers of illegally obtaining permission to build a municipal park.

Recorded telephone conversations captured Fernandez guaranteeing Chival SL a place on the project’s bargaining table.

After speaking with Munoz he also agreed to cut the project’s budget by five per cent to make it less enticing for potential bidders.

Meanwhile, more than 67,000 people have now joined the Facebook petition demanding the twin-hotel complex scheme in to be ditched.

The urged the Junta to classify the ‘Costa de Trafalgar’ as protected land and ensure it is protected from “huge development projects”.

The organisers of lobby group La Plataforma Salvar el Palmar, travelled to Sevilla to present its widespread disapproval to Junta officials.

They protestors are calling for “another form of tourism, truly sustainable, ecological and local”.

The urged the Junta to classify the ‘Costa de Trafalgar’ as protected land and ensure it is protected from “huge development projects”.

Despite earmarked just 500 metres from virgin beach, the project is backed by the town hall and both opposition parties.


  1. It is a scandal if the hotel is permitted to proceed. The coast line that is stunning will be totally destroyed and in its wake, will destroy what uniqueness is left of the Costa La Luz. Already Vejer, Conil and Chiclana are already seing the outcome of too much property being built – and sitting empty!

  2. The real scandal here is the fact that El Palmar is rural land i.e there is no urban infrastructure in place.
    How could it be possible to build a Hotel complex without urban infrastructure? Sewage, water, electricity, pavements, street lamps etc etc.
    The Town Hall of Vejer have absolutely no shame! Already existing in El Palmar are several villas / chalets etc that are deemed to be “illegal” due to the fact they are built on rural land.
    The Town Hall of Vejer has no intention of making this rural land urban due to high costs and illegal builds that have got out of hand.
    This begs the question… If Hotels are built, who will pay for the urban infrastructure? Us, them or the hotel developers?